Mobile Facility Management Services





Facma is VTT’s strategic research project that evaluates, develops & validates viable business models and solutions that have potential to provide long-term commercial underpinnings for future facility management services. Facma started in September 2005 and will continue until year 2008.


Aims of the project

  • Evaluate existing & future FACMA services and find potential business cases for next phases

  • Investigate and implement new business models, earning principles, and relations

  • Promote FACMA technology

  • Create FACMA building blocks for markets

  • Propose and define FACMA applications and design and implement FACMA products with real content and case environment.


Major results

The major results of the project are a set of Exploitable Solutions that are a combination of:

  • Proof-of-concept implementations of functional facility management services 

  • Technology solutions, descriptions and implementations

  • Descriptions and implementations of business models, business plans and value chains

  • Exploitation plan on how the solutions and new emerging services will be put into the industrial markets

  • Applications to collaborative research projects (such as Tekes, EU, ITEA).


Benefits to companies

For implementing the ideas of Facma, we are looking for companies interested in exploiting mobility in their current/new facility management related issues.


Companies benefit from participating Facma by gaining:

  • existing competence and input accrued from earlier phases of the project

  • wide network of contacts in the area,

  • lots of results compared to the input of the company,

  • chance to participate to workshops and seminars (based on invitation)










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